Monday, June 15, 2015

A Lesson in Brand Imprinting

Brand imprinting is when you market your brand correctly and impose your brand principles into the mind of your consumer. The measure of its success is when a consumer has pushed the brand to their subconscious mind, but when jogged, he immediately recalls it and what it stands for without having to be reminded of it. 
For example: you could probably name a special element or feature about certain car brands, such as Ferrari (fast), Volvo (safe), Rolls Royce (luxury). The brands are not at the forefront of your mind or on the tip of your tongue, but their marketing is done so well that you can forget their brand without forgetting what their brands stand for.

How do you achieve such a status? One sure-fire way is to pick a single brand principle and focus on it. Think of Dominos Pizza and its old guarantee of having your pizza in 30 minutes or it was free.

Dominos focused on that brand principle and made sure that every contact point between them and their consumer had a reminder of their brand promise. That and clever marketing kept their business alive, and the company itself was the reason why pizza restaurants had their own listings in the phonebook (separate from fast-food and restaurant listings). With this in mind, try implementing something similar for your business with the help of online marketing experts.

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