Monday, September 7, 2015

How Big Brands Use Social Media for Marketing

A quick look at some of the world’s top brands reveal an interesting tidbit: one way or another, they are able to amass and cultivate quite a substantial following on social media. Here’s how some did it:

Know Your Audience and What It Wants

Red Bull’s massively successful social media campaign on Facebook is an excellent example, and the results are conclusive: their 2012 campaign helped them sell 5.2 billion cans of their energy drink that year. They were able to do this by knowing their target audience perfectly well and capitalizing on that knowledge—posting images and features of thrill-seeking athletes, promoting engaging games, and providing interactive opportunities for their patrons.

Tickle Funny Bones

People love a good laugh. In social media sites, it’s usually the funniest themes that garner the most following. Hilarity never fails to hold people’s attention and acts as a nice break from everyday monotony. It’s no secret that humorous content is one of the best reasons people follow individuals and brands online.

Capitalize On Major Events or Days

Back during the Sochi Winter Olympics, Coca-Cola held a contest series with the hashtag #CokeGames, which involved creating humorous Olympic-inspired games like Coke Curling, Ice Cube Ski Jump, and even Bottle Cap Hockey. Afterwards, they got their audience involved in the fun by asking people to film themselves playing the games for a special $100 gift card.

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