Monday, October 5, 2015

The Value of Effective Brand Marketing for the Growing Business

Sometimes known as brand optimisation, brand marketing is one of the most effective and proactive ways in which a company can increase its overall recognition and attract a loyal customer base. In such a competitive online environment, this concept is now more important than ever before. Why is this the case and are there any figures to back up such a statement?

Part of the Buying Process

We first need to realise that the buying process begins long before the visitor decides to contact a representative or request more information. Studies have shown that 57 per cent of the purchase takes place while simply browsing through a website (1). So, how a brand is presented is extremely important to the potential customer.

A Growing Trend

In 2016, it is predicted that brand marketing will comprise approximately 35 per cent of the total advertising budget for successful businesses (2). This has just as much to do with brand recognition as it involves the physical buying process. So, companies are now questioning how to best present their product, how its branding fits into the buying cycle and how to separate themselves from their competitors. Without such information, it will be nearly impossible to gauge one's levels of success or failure.

Brand marketing is a powerful tool for both large businesses and those which may have just recently entered into the online community. Taking the right approaches at the right times is critical in a world defined by increased levels of competition.

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