Friday, May 8, 2015

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Online Trends Affecting Your Local Business
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Local businesses that serve a specific geographic area can no longer rely on simply placing their listing on yellow pages. Consumers are going beyond traditional methods of searching for products and services in their area. Here are some trends that you need to know:
• Local Searches on tools like Google Places and Bing Local grew by 144% between 2011 and 2012 (comScore)
• 86% of tablet owners made a purchase from their recent tablet-based local search (MarketingSherpa)
• 72% of smart phone owners made a purchase from their recent smart phone based local search (MarketingSherpa)
• 78% of all Internet users conduct product research online before making a local purchase (Pew Internet)
• 80% of users stated they have changed their minds on making a purchase because of a bad review they read online (Cone Communications)
These are trends that your business simply cannot afford to ignore.

Manage the Shift – Help Prospects Find Your Business

Statistics show us that prospects are searching for local businesses online and increasingly via mobile. Your response should be obvious: move your marketing efforts online and ensure your local business is visible to those who need to find it. All of this starts with a shift in your mindset as the owner.

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