Saturday, May 2, 2015

Brand Marketing Zone Ltd. - Website Audit

Website Audit: Why Your Website is Not Ranking on Google & Driving Sales for Your Business

To know exactly what’s wrong with your website, you need a comprehensive website audit report, particularly in the following areas:

 • Market Research and Analysis – For more online visibility, know what keywords will actually help your web pages rank. A combination of manual and software analysis is the best option.

 • Content – See if it is geared to drives sales and is compliant with algorithm updates.

 • Site Structure – Internal links and tracking systems must be thoroughly checked.

 • Web Design – It should be mobile responsive (loads in all screens and devices, including smartphones and tablets) and the template should look professional.

 • Page Title and Meta Troubleshooting – Duplicate and missing information can gravely affect SEO.

 • Backlinks Analysis – High quality inbound links help in rankings. Check your backlinks.

 • Error Troubleshooting – Problematic codes could block search engine crawlers from discovering the site and ranking it. Error pages can turn off prospect customers.

 • Others – Page load speed, bounce rates, malware, and other factors must also be audited.

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