Saturday, May 9, 2015

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The emergence of social networks over the past few years has changed the way businesses reach out to their audience. In fact, it is no longer enough to have a website, get backlinks, and rank well on Google. Today, a successful business needs essential elements: networking, awareness, engagement, trust, and loyalty – all of which are achievable through social media.

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Social Media Optimization: A Legitimate Business Need

You might still be wondering, just how important is having a Social Media Optimization campaign for your business. Well, let us help you put things in perspective.

 • 1 in 4 people worldwide are social media users (eMarketer)

 • 1 in 6 minutes spent online worldwide is spent on social media platforms (comScore)

• It took 13 years for television to reach an audience of 50 million people (United Nations Cyberschoolbus)

 • It only took Facebook 2 years!

Without a solid social media optimization strategy, it will be difficult for businesses to make the most out of this trend. Even coping with it will be a struggle. Social media is indeed growing and evolving fast. It's involving more and more people connecting with each other, sharing thoughts and feelings through status messages, likes, tweets, links, photos, videos, and etc.

We’re offering free in-depth consultation on how social media can help grow your business today. Call us now or send us a message to schedule your free consultation on Social Media Optimization.

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